Volta Gallery Lofts

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Endover, Karl Kasepõld

Townhouse-style urban villas and unique commercial spaces in the historic Volta machinework building

What If, in collaboration with Apex Architects, led the entire team involved in the esign project from concept to technical design.


Approx. 8700 m2 gross enclosed area of commercial and residential building


The historic Volta Machineworks building, dating from 1912, will be converted into a three-storey townhouse with high ceilings and 5-metre high arches, and will feature a unique industrial interior. Private terraces and landscaped courtyards between historic limestone walls are planned for the townhouses, bringing the ambience and serenity of a country house right into the heart of the city. With industrial arched ceilings and high ceilings, the commercial space offers a unique opportunity for any business looking to create a business space with a strong character and memorable spatial experience in a rapidly developing area.


The reconstruction of the historic machine shop building meant that many changes had been made to the building’s structures and openings during its lifetime. All of the limestone walls had to be carefully restored and the exact shape and rhythm of the historic large arched walls had to be recreated. In addition, the ground beneath the factory building contained a large amount of contamination that had to be cleaned up more than expected to bring the building into compliance. The design of the three-storey lofts, with innovative layouts in the Estonian context, between the historic walls, posed exciting challenges in finding the most optimal solutions in terms of interior layouts and technical systems. The building was accompanied by a completely new urban street running parallel to the building’s almost 300 m long façade. Thanks to the large windows in the facade, the Volta Quarter will become an attractive, modern urban space filled with businesses and people.


Apex Arhitektuuribüroo; WHAT IF; Rovalis; Kajaja Acoustics; Constructo; VP Projekt; Arpen Elekter; PNL & IC Project Management; KLM Projekt

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