Riviera Viimsi apartments

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Residences with breathtaking sea views in Viimsi, close to Haabneeme sandy beach

What If led the whole team involved in the esign project during the technical design phase.


3 apartment buildings with a gross enclosed area of ca 7000 m2


Unique apartment buildings with spacious balconies and rooftop terraces in Viimsi, right next to the sea. Parking has been moved largely under the buildings, freeing up the area between the buildings for high-quality landscaping. The buildings, which are stepped down towards the sea, ensure maximum spacious views of the sea and the surrounding coastal park.


The special location makes the apartment buildings to be built there exclusive and also places high demands on the quality of planning and architectural solutions. The entire team works intensively to find the best integrated solutions for the end client, from the sensitive choice of materials to energy-efficient technical systems and smart home solutions. The gradual slope of the property towards the coast poses challenges in the development of a holistic solution for the landscape, vertical planning and infrastructure. The development will include the reconstruction of the Kaluri road to Rohuneeme tee and the construction of new pedestrian paths and playgrounds for public use, which will involve major infrastructure works in parallel with the design of the apartment buildings.


WHAT IF; Esplan; Superellips; Projekt363; JNX; Millyard; Mastlop; Kino maastikuarhitektid; Rovalis; Kajaja Acoustics; PNL & IC Project Management

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